Larding The Lean Earth

In keeping with the recent porkfest here at cookblog HQ- not to mention the too-clever-by-half literary allusions- I thought I’d toss in this little picture of our lardo, all snuggly in cheesecloth and drying in the pantry since yesterday. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be using it in everything, and giving a bunch away as well.

Even with the door closed, there is this wonderful animal-herb odor that suffuses the nearby air; I used copious garlic, thyme, rosemary, and juniper to season the cure. It sat in the cure for about three months and now just needs to stiffen a bit more. I’m seriously thinking of wearing it like cologne when I go out- like Steve Martin’s tuna fish sandwiches, but way better. It smells really good- plus it looks like a lame art school thesis project, so there’s that.

Next up (now that there’s room in the fridge) bacon!

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