Thousands Of Miles In The Blink Of An Eye

So today I was told, pursuant to Christine’s trip to the market, that a nice vegetable coconut curry would be a good idea for dinner; that seemed a doable, if predictable course, given the quantity of animals we’ve dispatched this week (last night, a lovely lamb stew at our neighbors’ house.) But then, upon throwing wide the fridge door, I did see shiitakes, and broth made from lamb and chicken bones, and our own kale from the freezer, and lo I transported the country of culinary inspiration to Italy instead. Just like that, because I can. Italy, India- what are a few letters when ignoring my wife’s request is what really matters? Besides, she loves everything I make.*

Thus the chick peas I had soaked and simmered became the base for a lovely rich stew that included the juice from a can of tomatoes, leftover steamed sweet potatoes, and a big hunk of what was fatback and became- post trimming for my homemade lardo that’s now under way- a big strip of pig skin with some fat attached. This all simmered for a bit while I caramelized the mushrooms with garlic, and deglazed with wine, then threw the kale into the same pan with still more garlic and deglazed that with lemon juice. Not a pretty plate, but deep, varied, and satisfying, and well met by another 2006 Saint-Cosme côtes du Rhône- a sturdy and assertive country table wine fit for this kind of peasant fare.

* This assertion has a margin of error of plus or minus one broken whiskey bottle wielded menacingly while I cry and apologize.

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  1. Heather
    March 9

    Abusive spouse, eh? Maybe if you didn’t ruin dinner she wouldn’t have to resort to kicking your ass.

    I love chick pea dahl, especially with sweet potatoes. Curry and sweet potatoes don’t just match aesthetically, but they taste good together too!

  2. peter
    March 9

    Yeah, there’s something about chick peas and thick, spicy sauces. The sweets work well too, and if they’re leftovers they break apart and thicken things wonderfully.

    As for the abuse, I might have exaggerated for effect; she usually only hits me when my sauces break.

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