Since I’ve been galavanting, I wanted to make a dinner tonight that made up for my absence, so I stopped at the store on my way home (after very nearly running out of gas because one of the service areas was closed) to get a few things. So we had elk medallions on parsnip purée (with the now-customary combination of yogurt, vanilla, and truffle oil) with a reduction sauce of red wine, hama-natto, cinnamon, and a bit of butter to thicken, plus some slaveringly good arugula-dandelion mash on the side. It felt great to pull out the suribachi and pulverize some greens, and I’ll need those muscles toned for the impending onslaught of gardeny goodness. The ume plums in the mash did a nice little thing with the miso beans in the sauce, and the plate covered the full spectrum of tastes; with a little bit of tweaking this dish could star Keira Knightley and win like a million Oscars.

I had a 1999 Tempier Bandol on the counter, meant to go with the Gros Noré we drank the other night when our guests had to cancel. So we didn’t get to try them together, but I’m glad- this was a great companion (supporting actor, if you will) that really handled all the strong flavors well while still asserting its own considerable character.

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  1. Heather
    March 18

    I like to add juniper and allspice berries to the red wine sauce. Interesting use of umami with game.javascript:void(0)
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  2. peter
    March 18

    I don’t know how the juniper would have played with the miso beans, but it’s worth a try…

  3. cook eat FRET
    March 19

    holy shit
    i just found your blog
    that’s a lot going on… i was dazzled.

    you had me at parsnip, vanilla and truffle oil….

  4. peter
    March 21

    Glad to have you! Welcome.

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