A Boy And His Fish

I wanted to roast a chicken tonight, and Milo wanted to come to the store with me. When we got there, he instantly saw and requested a whole red snapper so I obliged him. He even asked for it from the guy behind the counter, and once we got home he couldn’t wait to hold it.

The fish just fit in our big sautée pan with a little butter to crisp up both sides, then I poured in a little rice vinegar and covered it to steam. Consolidating leftovers, I steamed some fingerling potatoes and mashed them up with the leftover celeriac purée and kale pesto to make a nice vibrant green mash. Once the fish was done, out it came and I deglazed the pan with blood orange juice plus a little agave syrup to make a sauce that turned out to be just about the same color as the fish. Milo ate the eye, and declared it to be “yummy.” It was.

6 comments to A Boy And His Fish

  • Heather

    What a handsome little boy you have! And such precocious tastes. I can’t wait to get one of those.

  • peter

    They’re this season’s must-have accessory!

  • genevelyn

    I promised myself that I wouldn’t blog about my dog (since I don’t have kids). But, if my dog ever learns to hold a whole fish and gaze into its eyes, I’m writing about it. Thanks for posting that photo!

  • peter

    He actually kissed it a couple of times too (on the cheek.)

  • Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

    VERY cute! And excellent color on that dish, too. Agave syrup…huh…never woulda thought of that one.

  • peter

    I like to use a little in pan sauces to help them thicken and balance the acid.

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