Quick Change

Again seeking efficiency, and short on time for dinner, I repurposed the chicken and soup from last night into a nice curry. Japanese yam and zucchini simmered in coconut milk, the soup, the pesto gravy, vindaloo paste, spices, and lemon juice. I added the chicken at the end to warm it through. We had pappadums and mango chutney for an appetizer since Milo was “very very hungry.” I had a 2006 Sancerre by Franck Millet which is one of my favorite whites right now- for the money (15 bucks) it goes with so many things and works well by itself as an aperitif if people drop by.

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  1. Zoomie
    November 13

    Mmmmm, curry! Sure beats my out-of-the-can-and-doctor-it-up sauce!

  2. peter barrett
    November 14

    The vindaloo paste was from a jar, but I always try to have a lot of seeds and powders to make it more interesting.

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