The anti-Halloween, if you will. Super clean and healthy to compensate for all the sweets. Brown rice, with three complementary preparations on top: seitan braised with onion, radish, carrot, ginger, garlic, and scallion; freshly-dug burdock simmered in water with a pinch of salt; a purée of collards, mustard greens, and sorrel with lime. Milo LOVES burdock, and told me so. This was a nice case of making satisfying food for the family while still keeping to the requirements of my “Dieta.”

Soon the kimchi will be ready (and I’ll be able to eat it) and then this type of food will get a boost to an even higher level. One of the best parts about a garden is the ability to make fantastic condiments to give winter food some excitement and spice.

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  1. Moonbear
    November 2

    Dammit Peter! I want to eat at your house. My “neewollah” feed was leftover pumpkin pie and fruited jello. We gave out the entire bushel basketful of actual candy, so there was none of that to hurt myself with, but now I see what a good meal is, here on your blog. BTW what are the parameters of your “dieta?”

  2. peter barrett
    November 2

    No meat, no milk, no soy, no sugar, nothing fermented (alcohol, vinegar, miso) no caffeine, and ideally no salt- though I am having a little.

  3. Moonbear
    November 2

    No wonder you are so creative!

  4. peter barrett
    November 2

    It’s only temporary. Back to normal next week.

  5. Zoomie
    November 2

    Peter, just visited your artist website and I’m amazed! Colors, patterns, riffs! I see mandalas, Escher and all kinds of new stuff that must be pure Peter! Interesting work!

  6. peter barrett
    November 2

    Thanks, Z.

  7. cookiecrumb
    November 2

    I love it. A new holiday. Festivus for the rest of us.

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