A trip to the market for Thanksgiving-related items led to scallops, and a cauliflower, which is one of the first vegetables I’ve bought since May. The rainy day just seemed to want roasted cauliflower, and there’s something about the sweetness of scallops that seemed like a good fit. So I marinated the scallops in kimchi juice to make a sort of ceviche, but not really long enough to “cook” them (though I did try one, and it’s worth doing again for a longer soak) and roasted the cauliflower in the oven. Refried polenta, warmed kimchi, a pan sauce deglazed with a little wine all matched flavors and colors pretty well for a rich and subtle combination. On the side, to provide some raw green balance, a salad of chiffonaded chard, mustard, and sorrel that worked really well; the heat of the mustard was countered by the almost creamy chard and sweet sorrel, and the walnut/balsamic vinaigrette accentuated all those qualities, as did a 2003 Trimbach reserve pinot gris.

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