Close Enough

I think turkey is overrated. We can get good heirloom varieties up here, but lacking the means to deep-fry one or the patience to smoke one out in the cold and rain I’m opting out. Even smoked or fried it’s still pretty bland, and so big that you have to eat it for days after. To me, the holiday is about family, eating, and gratitude with a strong focus on seasonal ingredients, not about eating what everyone else eats just for the sake of tradition. So bring on the duck confit.

Since we’re not having turkey for Thanksgiving, tonight I made up for it with turkey burgers (seasoned with herbs, garlic, arugula, wine, duck fat- because it’s too damn lean- and togarashi) served with cranberry ketchup (cranberries, a couple of canned tomatoes, vinegars- cider, balsamic- and maple syrup.) Kimchi and beet pickles on the side. Organic spelt English muffin. More of the Jaboulet Vaqueyras. Basta.

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  1. Zoomie
    November 21

    And is that melty cheese I see?

  2. cookiecrumb
    November 23

    For me, it’s all about the gravy. I’m not a fan of the turkey meat either, but the gravy… (moan).
    And the carcass for turkey stock.

  3. peter
    November 24

    Z: Yup. Local farmer’s cheese.

    CC: Gravy is good, no doubt, but do you need to cook a whole turkey to get some?

    You just gave me an idea for something I should have added…

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