It’s good to be home. The garden is loving the cooler weather; late plantings of greens are freaking out and we can’t keep up. The salads are as good as they were in the spring, and now they get to play against creamy winter squash. On Sunday we went apple picking with the gang, and bought peaches and plums as well to preserve. Today saw the happy combination of peaches, red onions, lime basil, honey, cider vinegar, and insanely hot Chinese paper lantern peppers (like habañeros, but bright red) into a chutney that will be great on duck and fish all winter.

Later, after the canning was done, I braised lamb shanks in red wine and garden goodness while the first kabocha squash of the season roasted in the oven. I used half a bottle of 2005 Nieto Senetiner riserva cabernet to make the lamb, and we drank the rest with it. For 10 bucks, this wine is a great value for fans of big, grapey cabs.

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  1. cookiecrumb
    October 7

    “Later, after the canning was done”…
    Jeez, guy. What about the gory details?
    Y’know. For us rubbernecking beginners.
    (Yeah, I know. The lid ping. Hell. I coulda told you that. Wait… You told ME that.

  2. peter barrett
    October 7

    OK, CC- herewith the gory details: cook the peaches, add onions, finely chopped peppers (seeded) and salt and vinegar to taste. Keep futzing with the proportions until it tastes right. Pour into pint jars and boil them hard for 20 minutes. It’s sweet, sour, hot, and complex. And local.

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