On The Lamb

Plating, schmating. This was money. Local, organic lamb leg steak with endive mash, kale, and little cakes made from the leftover yam-sweet potato mixture with black olives, lemon zest, and Moroccan spices added. All drizzled with a reduction I made from the lamb chop bones in the fridge, mirepoix, bay leaf, and red wine. I got started early on this, which is why the reduction had time to happen, since I was blanching and freezing about 10 pounds of mirepoix so our winter can have some of that divine flavor at the base of its soups and sauces. I finally had time today to make a meal that had all the components properly prepared; with the bulk of the office drudgery done, I took a much-needed break to garden and preserve on the nicest day we’ll have for the rest of the year. To celebrate finished work, impending show, and fitting meal, I opened a 2002 Gemstone which- despite its youth- still hits those Cali cab marks like an old pro.

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  1. Bruno
    September 29

    Looks like a great meal Peter! Maybe next year I’ll have a nice garden like yours so I can do some canning and freezing for the winter months.

  2. peter barrett
    October 5

    The garden is the best way to improve and deepen your understanding of ingredients. It’s also good exercise. I can’t say enough good things about it.

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