Lumpy Gravy

The perfect freshness and intense complexity of our homegrown mirepoix has really made an impression on me, and I want to use it in everything. To that end, I plan on chopping a vast quantity and then blanching and freezing the mixture in small bags for use throughout the winter. Who knew celery could actually be exciting? So tonight, a clean take on fried chicken and gravy: cornmeal/spice crusted chicken legs well browned in the iron pan- with some extra oil to get them going- atop the veggie mix plus chard, sorrel, and tomatoes, all thickened with a pinch of flour so it could handle a splash each of water and wine at the end to make a lovely gravy. Perched on top of some purple Thai rice, it covered the spectrum from crisp to creamy, crunchy to al dente, lemony sorrel fresh to deep gravy funk.

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