Lettuce Soup

I owe the inspiration for this to cookiecrumb, who referred me to Becks & Posh based on the “Bolted Lettuce” post from the other day. The happy presence of duck broth in our freezer (they leave those giblets in there for a reason) made it even better, and let me clear out a large part of the lettuce bed for the fall crop. All the various bolted varieties went in: butterhead, red and green oakleaf, and a few random others from the shaggy remnants of the mesclun row. A handful of pine nuts for density, plus some yogurt for opacity and complimentary tang rounded out the pot and got churned to smithereens with my beloved stick blender. With truffle oil and daikon sprouts, it was soup and salad together (plus, in the picture, it has clouds in it.) Our first white tomatoes commingled happily with their yellow, orange, and red brethren and yellow cucumbers in a lovely side salad. Another Pink Flamingo rosé made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of all our senile lettuce.

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