A Perfect Dinner

Tonight we went to Cris & Sirkka’s place, since he’s back from tour for a minute and their garden needed some grazing to get it under control (although we hardly made a dent; it’s at least as big as ours and has been going crazy in his absence.) Sirkka made ravioli with zucchini and feta filling, Chris smoked salmon on the grill, and they made chard and mash as well. I made a salad of tomatoes and yellow cucumbers from our garden with basil form theirs, and we tossed the ravioli in shiso pesto they had in the fridge. All washed down with a couple of yummy French rosés: a Listel Vin des Sables “Pink Flamingo” (Grenache/Cinsault/Carignane) and a Murray Family Routas (Grenache/Syrah/Cinsault.) Summer eating at its best- unpretentious, yet utterly delicious, healthy, and mostly homegrown.

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